Friday, March 27, 2009

finally friday!!

yikes! for a short week it sure seemed to take forever to get over.. maybe b/c my productivity level is almost @ a negative value?! last night is the first night this week that I've lasted past 9pm. eek!! I have a HUGE list to try to accomplish @ nap time today.. WE WILL SEE. this morning I am just hoping to get the reminants of the kleenex monster (it looks like a monster has a cold) cleaned up down here, some things sanitized that haven't been & maybe, just maybe, get to the grocery store.

my weekend will consist of setting up, cropping, tearing down, eating, & chatting, w/some sneezing & blowing thrown in for good measure LOL maybe I should include hand sanitizer in their goodie bags LOL

ok.. off & running.....
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