Thursday, March 26, 2009


WOW a fever wipes ME out! I woke fever free this morning & feeling almost energized!! YAY!!! according to & my symptoms I had/have the influenza virus. I am never skipping my flu shot again!! jeeze 4 days of fever is TOO MUCH!! & NOW I can have crappy sinuses & cough for 14 days! ugh! atleast I won't be contagious this weekend for the crop!!

I have big plans for the next 36 hrs!
  • laundry
  • upstairs dishes YIKES
  • lovin' on the kids I haven't been able to all week
  • packing for the weekend
  • grocery shopping to be able to bake for the weekend-just may wait until tomorrow w/kids
  • running to the LSS in Creston for goodie bag goodies
  • going to Creston w/Tim means eating @ the Pizza Ranch-too bad I can't smell or taste yet

APPRECIATE: I appreciate the families that weren't 'put out' by my being closed on Monday. I appreciate that the fever only lasted 4 days. I appreciate that I am down to 'having a cold'.

Accountability: oh I sucked big time in every dept here.. altho I am certain to show a loss this weekend @ weigh in! I haven't eaten hardly anything or drank anything but hot fluids all week so far. going to shoot for 40 oz of water today.

ok.. now that this has taken 2 sittings I will sign it off. :)
I hope everyone has a healthy day!!

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