Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday brings...

sunshine, warm temps & a BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! whohooooooooo Tim is older than me again ;) (for a whole week we are the same age) 60 stinking degrees out there today! I REALLY LOOOOOOOOOOOVE THE SOUND OF THAT.. would love it even more if it was a permanent thing but alas.. it must come to an end & shock our bodies w/possible snow tomorrow night YIKES!!

last night was a lovely early shower & bumming around type of evening. I loved that too. for a Full Moon it wasn't too bad really :) tonight Gma/Gpa are taking us out for Pizza Hut buffet for our birthdays YAY!!! love them!! wow I am really feeling the love of all things today.. sorry so mushy LOL

I am getting used to NOT knowing what is going on this weekend.. no complaints! he has taken great pains to keep it a secret & I am not about to ruin it for him! I know the general we are leaving mid morning Saturday, to drop the truck off @ the shop -where we will swap it out w/the van on our way home on Sunday- then continue on our way (he says another 140 miles but I don't believe him @ this point w/all of the confusing hints he's dropped) to our desination of a hotel room w/possible hot tub & fancy smancy dinner that I have to dress up for *gulp* then maybe stopping @ the home & garden show on our way home. but again-I don't know if I should believe that either LOL

ACCOUNTABILITY: NADDA-NOTHING SUCKY lazy distracted BAD KIM hasn't worked out -unless you count house cleaning over the weekend- since sometime last week & my water intake has seriously fluctuated 40-60oz/day but I was down 2# on Saturday so I am below my yo yo YAY!!! hoping to keep it there!!!

APPRECIATE: I appreciate the amt of friends & family that blessed us on Saturday night!! I appreciate the time we were able to take to recover on Sunday. I appreciate that he's taken Valentine's under control this year.

today's to do list is made so OFF I GOOOOOOOOOOOO!

how are you doing on our accountability or one little word?? please share & link :)
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