Wednesday, February 11, 2009

back on track

but oh so tired!!! I am Thursday-tired today.. not sure what it is about it but usually Thursdays are my tired tired tired days.. I cannot believe its only Wednesday! I don't think it helps that it has been SOOOOOOOOOO nice for almost a week & today its cold & grey out again YUCK!!!

ACCOUNTABILITY: last night Tim worked late so after I got supper done & simmering, I did 42 fit minutes & thought they may kill me LOL the yoga class tonight WILL. but its a good kill LOL I did get 60 oz of water after 32 of hot tea in yesterday & am ready to start on 40oz of water now after 32 of hot tea today.

after supper I itemized one month of receipts & showered & chilled on the couch. so lazy & tired!! at this rate I maybe doing tax prep on our vday getaway LOL

nothing fun to share today-facebook addiction is running rampants LOL

OH notice my new blinkie to the left? the sisterhood one.. adorable HELPFUL site!! come visit!!
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