Thursday, February 12, 2009

True Confessions

totally swiped from The Sisterhood but oh such a great idea!! something to hopefully spice things up around here:

*I am a perpetual snacker-whether its good food or junk food I eat all the time & not always b/c I am hungry

*I hate the addiction/w/drawal from caffeine! but I love caffeine. I would like the effects w/o the 'need' for it.

*I wish I was better @ alot of things-self discipline, working out, photography, cleaning, being what Tim wants/needs

*I need to keep up to date on tax prep Jan-Dec instead of playing catch up every February right b4 the appt.

*I make a to do list every day but only get 1/2 way thru it

*Iam not above bribery or blackmail to get what I want ;) (Jo) Nothing illegal I promise! remember I work w/children all day

*I am hoping we get so much snow tonight that I get to shut down tomorrow HA but not holding my breath

*I love all my kids & I love them all together but I love an unexpected light day too-doesn't everyone?

*I feel guilty complaining about my job

*I need to get the QRS paperwork filled out but I am avoiding it for no good reason

*I love doing laundry

*I haven't read anymore in the new THE BEST LIFE DIET book even tho I have had it for weeks.

*I encourage independance in the kids even tho it feels like all parents at some point try to keep them dependant.

*I could make this list all day long LOL

ACCOUNTABILITY: yoga last night was the same as last week but less KILLER :) maybe the dreading made it not so bad???? & I got my 80oz OF WATER + 36 hot tea oz in YAY!

tonight is tax prep--yuck!
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