Friday, February 13, 2009


& a Friday the 13th to boot!! well, ok so its not a fabulous day as I have some out sick :( & it seems (from 2 different drs in 2 different offices that we are passing around that nasty virus of coughing, aching, stuffy head, fevers that they can't do anything for but OTC drugs)

& its not a fabulous day b/c we are expecting 2-7" of snow sometime in the next 24 hrs & Tim & I are to travel tomorrow.

BUT ITS FRIDAY & I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD ABOUT THAT FACT!!!!!! I am so ready to sleep in.. do some valentine celebrating, sleeping in & hopefully enjoying a hot tub time or 2 :D gimme gimme gimme some ME time. I am so bad!

I have decided that next week will be dedicated to tax prep (& its about darn time since the appt is that Saturday night @5 LOL) but making that executive decision has released me from the guilt that was killling me of not touching them but 2 nights this week.

today's to do list has alot of weekend prep on it so I won't bore you w/the details but thre's alot of little stuff to get done, some normal friday stuff & some not so normal. NONE of it exciting.

HOPING to have some fancy smancy photos to share on Monday. Have a great Valentine's weekend all!!! & to my fellow iowans please stay safe!!
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