Monday, February 9, 2009

feeling rich!

not monetarily for sure so no loan apps please but definately rich in love. LOOK @ all those people that turned out for Tim's party!! amazing!! Seriously heartwarming! I am so very thankful to all who took time out of their Saturday night to come help us celebrate for Tim. I know he's still telling me how good I did.. I struggled a bit Friday morning where to draw the line... I know I missed getting some locals invited & decided to skip his work friends all together... I am glad I went w/our families for sure as one option was to just do friends but our famiies were happy to participate (even tho I have no pics of them)

We really appreciated our boating friends, Shayne/Nicki, Lance/Val, Hupp & Nick coming! Rick & Carrie were a welcome sight! Adam, Corey & P sure surprised me, along w/Sarah! Brodie, Gary, John & Shanna fit right in. Along w/our moms, & 6 collective sibbling/spouses. & 8 minors belonging to various families.. it was a nice crowd I think...

the only thing I'd change is that I would invite family an hour b4 the friends as I feel they got skrewed out of attention!

Definately feeling rich today :D
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