Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yoga kicked my BUTT last night! I was a bowl of jello when I got home. I jumped straight in the shower instead of cleaning the kitchen like usual then I crashed in my chair watching some DVR'd shows w/Tim & I am so sore thru my shoulders, neck & back today.

I cannot wait to get my tax prep done so I can get back to scrapping & having photos to share! I forget how much I love to scrap until I CAN'T! I miss the moving around of things, I don't call it creativity b/c I admit I have none! its all lifted/copied from someone else & when I do I give credit where its due! right now on my desk are ice storm photos from 12/07 I think I am about 1/2 way thru them & am releasing myself from the 'have to scrap them all' responsibility! if something doesn't fit it goes in a pile for the end of the year/month page if I need to do one. :) such a freeing feeling!

ACCOUNTABILITY: I got my 80oz in + the serious Yoga class last night. whew.

FOOD: for breakfast today I made an amazing egg skillet thingy YUMMMMMMMM leftover ground beef (fried w/seasoning salt), leftover ham from our scalloped potatoes & ham last week (frozen between uses), a dozen eggs, 1/2 log of velveeta (generic version) & some shredded mozerella on top... OMG full of protein & oh so yummy. I ate pico de gallo 2x yesterday-I think its a nice healthy serving of veggies each time. my snacks for 2 weeks have been sliced turkey wrapped around a string cheese stick. protein! breakfasts have been hit & miss but mostly trying to get some of what teh protien is that the kids eat & a dab of carbs (toast, pancake, oatmeal, banana bread) it was my birthday on Tuesday so I had more than my share of cake but I tried to keep my pieces small to permit myself more servings thru the 24 hour span. I sent the last 2 pieces home w/Bethany yesterday to prevent myself from eating them for breakfast today LOL

today's list just consists of tax prep & take care of the kiddos :)
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