Wednesday, February 4, 2009


sorry about missing yesterday .. everytime I logged on I had a list of thank yous to send for birthday wishes.. FUN DAY!!! so turning 34 wasn't so bad but boy was I dreading it!!! ever since 30 I just really dread them! yuck. & tim thinks its HILLARIOUS to pester me about them LOL on Monday I got a text that read "last day (till 34)" & "9hrs & 40 minutes left" gaaaa thanks dude! decided to point out new wrinkles & new sagging yesterday NICE!!!

Last night was darts & it was our last night so we had ribeyes, salad, baked potatoes & everyone brought appetizers (cheese ballYUM, crackers, etc) & we took a cake (of course LOL)

ACCOUNTABILITY: I did get my 80oz in yesterday & 100 on Monday! YAYAYAYAYAY!!! no fit yet this week but yoga tonight!! & back on the eating better stuff as I totally fell off the wagon yesterday making a chocolate cake + homememade whipped topping for the kids + all that supper last night.. even tho I kept my pieces to a minimum & didn't finish my steak or potatoe I totally over did it on the cheese ball & crackers LOL weakness! today I've had a small pancake w/a tiny bit of whipped cream on top, a cup of hot tea & working on my water already.

I have banana bread in the oven & breakfast is cleaned up. d/w is running & the laundry from washer is in the dryer! trying to outrun a headache I think.

APPRECIATE: I definately appreciate my online friends & their thoughtfulness yesterday. I appreciate the eagles group last night wishing me a happy birthday. I appreciate that I have the ability to make the decision that next year I may take the day after off :)

BIG SHOUT OUT ROBS for the new header birthday gift!!! how gorgeous is it?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! :) thanks again girlie!!
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