Friday, February 6, 2009

just call me crazy :)

but I decided last night in the shower to throw together a surprise birthday party for Tim TOMORROW NIGHT! his birthday is Tuesday, he'll be 35 & we've never done anything for him that wasn't lumped in w/mine + vday SOOOOOOOOOOOO very last minute but as long as I release the demon that is perfectionism I should be able to pull it off :) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY EXCITED!!!

today will be a mix of work, enjoying the sunshine outside, thinking about hitting the grocery store since I'll be able to fit my littles in the van, and finalizing plans for tomorrow night.. I can mill around & clean house tonight w/o being obvious as all that needs done is the vac run quickly, bathroom & kitchen picked up, wiped down & mopped... NO PROBLEM :) I am feeling a mass text message & email to go out soon! :) will the tiki oil that was left in the torches all winter need replaced or do I have a chance that they'll light? I'd like to have someplace nice for the smokers to go instead of off our front steps! lol

ACCOUNTABILITY: I got my 80oz of plain water in + 32 oz of lemon hot tea yesterday morning & 30 fit minutes. I am wearing my pedometer for the 3rd in a row. the first day I had 5224 b4 yoga class, yesterday I wore it thru my fit time & ended teh day w/7950.. getting there slowly! but getting their anyway.

APPRECIATE: I appreciate that I have a light friday to plan this party. I appreciate that the list of people that like Tim is long-what a great feeling. I appreciate the warm weather predicted for today & tomorrow!!!

omg I am so STINKING excited!!! off I go!!!!!!!!!
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