Wednesday, February 18, 2009

its a good day

or so I am trying to convince myself. I feel the day stacked against me so moving very slowly as there are some bright spots...

*I am down 2 children
* that makes it easier to deal w/the headache that is trying to beat me down
*I am incredibly addicted to facebook! never thought I would be. not sure how I feel about that
*I am going to try to do some more tax prep when I get a spot cleared on my desk
*YOGA TONIGHT!! yehaw!!!
*so happy its Wednesday -I really hate wishing weeks over but this one is killing me

ok enough randomness!

accountability: 96 oz of water yesterday but no exercise

appreciate: I appreciate the parents that called in today -key word is CALLED in instead of figuring I'll 'figure it out when they don't show up' THANK YOU! I appreciate the days w/o headaches now that I have one again. I appreciate the warm temp this morning knowing its going to dip back into the FRIGID IOWA WINTER temps tonight YUCK!!
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