Tuesday, February 17, 2009


already fully caffinated :) drinking the rest of the mcDonald's iced coffee I treated myself to w/a bribe of working on itemizing receipts for taxes LOL. I really need to get to making them myself!! there's a great recipe on the Sisterhood site so you know its diet friendly :)

Tax update: I have 10 months of receipts itemized & totaled :) utilities also done. time to recheck that check list for tonight's task.

APPRECIATE: I appreciate my sweet thoughtful (most of the time after all he is a man) husband that made the fantastic Valentine's weekend plans. I appreciate that he's much more romantic than I. (working on that) I appreciate caffeine-is that sane? LOL. I appreciate the above normal temps for February in Iowa :)

ACCOUNTABILITY: I totally ate crap yesterday but I ate it in moderation. is that ok? I got 60 oz in yesterday & over 80 on Sunday! Sunday's exercise was walking thru the Home & Garden show for 2 hrs. & yesterday's was just working like normal. I am hoping to get back on the FIT tonight! also back to the fried egg white 'sandwich' meals! I got to reading the REAL LIFE DIET book this past weekend & it explains so much more than I thought I 'knew' .. I just wish I had more free time to READ IT!!! (working on that!)

the to-do list today consists of laundry, bread baking, & child tending, not in that order of course ;)

(modeled after the sisterhood site -again)

1. I think I am back to addicted to caffeine
2. I have dishes soaking inthe sink upstairs -ew over night
3. I forgot to WI in on Saturday w/the excitement so I am not weighing in until Saturday LOL
4. The kids are already driving me crazy this morning.
5. I want another day off-needing to figure out a paid vacation plan of the child care provider!
6. I put off tax prep WAY too long this year!-need to figure out a do able plan to keep up on during the year.
7. Sometimes I wish I could just take the little kids.
8. I am trying to finish this list b4 breakfast
9. I could easily sit all day & play online! eek!!
10. I love facebook-catching up w/old friends & talking to people online that I can't/won't talk to in real life. How strange is that??

how about yours?
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