Friday, January 30, 2009


WE MADE IT TO FRIDAY!!! :) not that there was much option or evidence to convince me otherwise but it definately feels like a battle waged (& won) today! (contradictory enough for you??lol) I am so looking fwd to a quiet weekend. mostly KEEPING warm. I am so over winter! (have I said that already?) I think it every day so maybe I have mentioned it here a time or 2. if you are sick of hearing it I apologize. I am not usually that negative (or try to) but this winter is Killing ME.

ACCOUNTABILITY: last night Tim worked late (see what did I tell ya about those 'cut hours'? we are not arguing) so I had time to squeeze in my fit time :) in fact I did 40 fit minutes in total!!! but only did 60oz of water.. I have NO IDEA what my problem is but I am really fighting to get 60 in while working & if I don't then the last 20 doesn't make it.

APPRECIATE: I appreciate that we had no where to go last night so we had breakfast for supper & then curled up under blankets in our chairs & he watched TV(& napped) while I finished my library book! I appreciate the break I've taken from tax prep to read.

Shanen you were so right about the chair!!! it is the black hole of time.. he cannot sit in it w/o falling alseep :) he even commented last nigh b4 he sat down that maybe he'd make it a whole night w/o sleeping in it.. ummmm nope! lol

this weekend looks to be pretty low key just some grocery shopping, library book returning, Tim getting a hair cut, fit time, movie watching(we have Blood Diamonds, Kate & Leopold & A Man Apart from netflix) & maybe some scrapping.

Here's hoping we make it thru w/o more snow, frigid temps & unnecessary excitement. Wishing you the same!!
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