Thursday, January 29, 2009

just the facts.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Yoga last night was GREAT! & SHE gave us print outs of the poses so we can do the routine @ home between classes.. we will see if I manage that LOL I have high hopes but not so high on the motivation LOL Admitting is 1/2 the battle right?? & I didn't have any problem getting the 80oz in! yay! hoping to get back on the FIT tonight or atleast do the yoga routine from class. My weigh in is in 2 days & I don't feel like I've dropped anything but I Think I may have caught sight of a waist *gasp* in the mirror in passing yesterday. I decided to jsut go w/it instead of stopping to 'be sure' -definately afraid it was my eyes playing tricks on me!

APPRECIATE: I definately appreciate the new furniture. I appreciate the yoga teacher, time & availability. I appreciate working from home especially in the cold weather!

I wish I had something exciting or entertaining to report LOL but today its Just the Facts. Sorry to anyone that followed my link from Facebook expecting something-anything-more than this is.
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