Monday, February 2, 2009

What a Beautiful February Morning!

it is GORGEOUS out there.. well.. looking out there it sure is pretty.. probably not as warm as it looks but it LOOKS gorgeous! :)

Friday night we spent out w/Lance, Val, Shayne, & Nicki celebrating Lance's 29th bday. we all paid way too much for a not so great buffet but the company couldn't have been better & I was totally kicking myself for leaving the camera @ home!! GOOD TIMES!!!

Saturday was AMAZING! I WALKED CLEAR UP TOWN! first thing in the morning, on my own, just got dressed, gathered errand things + water bottle & hoofed it! very proud of myself. that's a pretty good trek for this early in the year. by August its nothing but February.. I do believe its a first for me! hopefully a habit! I'd love to start my Saturdays w/a walk like that! :) the shined/shone ALL DAY!!!!!! it was gorgeous! I am definately feeling my vitamin D defency getting a bit healthier w/the sun reappearing! YAY!!

Yesterday was not so energetic but was Awesome to just hang out in the house. come to think of it I don't think I left the house ONCE all day!

Major movie watching this weekend:
*Fireproof-awesome message - got me thinking of the person I want to be vs. teh person I am
*Stepbrothers-eh- totally slapstick w/a few chuckles thrown in
*A Man Apart-Good movie!
*Surfer, Dude-eh-what is it w/all the pot smoking movies as of late?? I am over them!!
*Vacancy 2-movies should NOT go backward in a series.
*Kate & Leopold-broken disk
*Blood Diamond-too thick accents for us this weekend.

I made some pica de gallo & jalapeno bread to much on yesterday YUMMMM using som eof that pica de gallo in some guacamole tonight I think.

I also got a new book -thanks Jo- to hopefully change my lifestyle (eating & exercising anyway).

tax prep was avoided like the plague LOL my bad but I will call today & get an appointment made so that I have a deadline!

ok.. off to catch up on laundry & make that phone call!
Have a GREAT groundhog Day!
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