Friday, January 23, 2009

Yay for Friday!

I am looking fwd to 2 days of relative relaxing. Sure we have our normal to do lists (cleaning, tax prep, shopping) w/a few fun things (painting, hunting, movies) listed but mostly I am looking fwd to keeping warm, hanging out, & doing things slowly :)

I flopped my first loaf of machine bread ever yesterday LOL... it was about 2" thick in the end. I have no idea what happened but it was nasty. so going to try again today

ACCOUNTABILITY: I was frustrated w/myself last night b/c after work we hauled the couches out for pick up today, ate carry out pizza (gc+coupon=free) for supper & took a nap on the living room floor :( so then when I got up it was too late for my full fit time *sigh* but I did do some & I know some is better than none but still frustrated. hoping to be better disciplined tonight & the rest of the weekend! I did get my whole 80oz in yesterday + an extra 20 :) so that was all good. I think I am doing so well on these 2 that I am going to try to add something else to be accountable for... maybe 3 servings of fruits/veggies? I know sometimes I am good & other times I am not. maybe I will do better if I have to report it. I will give it a test run this weekend & report in on Monday.

APPRECIATE: I appreciate the husband that was napping on the floor (reason I was) that meant he was HOME. I appreciate that the sun has shined/shone almost all week :) hoping it does again today! I appreciate the 40 degree temp we had yesterday that melted almost all of our snow! I appreciate the heads up that its getting cold again.

Today: receipts, honey wheat bread-again only better, & they are dying to vac so we will pick up & they will get to :) I am sure there will be coloring too.

ok.. off to do a warm breakfast, have a GREAT FRIDAY!
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