Saturday, January 24, 2009

the good & the bad

MY SCALE HATES ME & the feeling is mutual! I have been doing great @ getting my water, getting moving on some exercise time BUT I am still @ the top of my yo yo after being @ the bottom last week. So I bought nothing but healthy stuff @ the store today..even when Tim tempted me w/little debbies & ice cream bars I refused -go me- I tore in to the kitchen (it needed it!) got the counters all wiped down & the unnecessaries out of there & the floor mopped WOW different kitchen!! Then I cleaned off the dining table YAY! then I headed to the bathroom & did some in there. Tim left to go hunting so I got the tv :) ONE HOUR of Fit time!!! I am very proud of myself! I even tried 3 things that I didn't do well on to begin w/& 2 brand new things. Now I am rewarding myself w/some computer & scrappy time.

Yesterdays accountability (before I forget): I did get my 80 oz in & 30 fit minutes :)

proposed changes: more fruits & veggies daily, more Fit time(getting up earlier to get some in this morning), wearing the pedometer, baking w/more wheat(cookies too Shanen?), Less carbs in general (OUCH), get a kids work out dvd & do it w/them 2-3 days/week, any other suggestions?

keepers: 80 oz of water, going to bed hungry, leaving 3 bites @ every meal (last night I only ate 1/2 my sandwich since we had appetizers),
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