Thursday, January 22, 2009


I was so hoping/thinking it was Friday this morning as I hit snooze for 1/2 an hour :(

ACCOUNTABILITY: yesterday I ended up w/right at 80oz of water, did my 30 fit minutes right after work while Tim was working late, then I had an hour of yoga... she changed it up a bit & we did some really working/toning moves & it was a nice smooth flow from one into the next... loved it!!! I am only a little sore this morning & less sore than just KNOWING there muscles here & there that have been ignored for a while.. a LONG while :)

Yesterday I did get the bread made but no receipts were made .. maybe today & if not DEFINATELY tomorrow & I am ok w/that :) I am actually looking fwd to getting them done & not as overwhelmed as in years past YAY!!!

Today I am making honey wheat bread in the machine, & enjoying the little ones.. if there's receipt time fine, if not oh well. :)

have a great relaxing Thursday :)
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