Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh my good thing its Wednesday!

because I just couldn't handle it if it was Monday or Tuesday again/still/only. I had a horrible training last night.. good thing is that its only every 5 years but damn I hate it w/a passion when I have it.. its Manditory Abuse Reporters Training. Being in the child care field makes me a manditory abuse reporter & they think we need training on what to identify as POSSIBLE abuse.. well they enforce that its not our job to investigate or prove but they still need to show us 20 mintues of horrifying photos of real life abused children of the 3 hour class. UGH. I ended up coming home w/an excrutiating headache that I took ibuprofen for & went to bed. I complain also that the class went until 9:30 on a week night. not that I am not normally up past that -I am. but to be out & about & not home, warm & relaxing is DIFFERENT Bordering on unreasonable IMO. ok.. now that I have that out of my system.....

ACCOUNTABILITY: I ended yesterday w/70 oz. & no Fit time :( BUT tonight is YOGA!! & hoping for some FIT time b4 it!!!

Appreciate: I appreciate that the class I HAD to take was only$5 for me. I appreciate that Tim got John to throw darts in my place last night so we don't have a make up game holding up the league. I appreciate the cupboard & freezer I am still able to pull food from :)

Yesterday I was able to get my last 3 months to balance :) WHOHOOOO noW to just total & write each family's year end receipts! then its sorting & totally our shopping receipts, highlighting & totally the bank statements, & putting it all together... this time of year I think how awesome it would be to have an accountant but I like to keep (&spend myself) the money I make LOL so its out of the question.

today I am hoping to get those receipts written & handed out, oatmeal bread made(dry ingredients already in bowl b4 Nat had a breakdown & needed me worse than the bread did), & headache kicked. wish me luck b/c today I just might need it.
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