Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HELLO tuesday!

I am so ready to be productive today!! :) but first yesterday's reports:

ACCOUNTABILITY: I ended the day w/100! oz & 30 minutes of Fit time :) I even did a bit more strength training than usual & TOTALLY worked those thighs YIKES!!! didn't expect them to function today but I am having no problems so far YAY! the 100oz was a total surprise I was just THIRSTY lol.

APPRECIATION: I appreciate that Tim's job has promised him the minimum of 32 hours -way better than zero BY FAR! & usually when they get 'officially cut' they work longer hours & end up w/40 anyway LOL I appreciate that we have cupboards & freezer to eat from when weeks are tight income vs. bills. but we did fabulous this weekend & w/a little creativity I think we can make it thru the whole week! :) I appreciate my child care parents' patience w/my lack of paperwork sometimes :) hoping to catch up this week!

*as many end of year totals as possible
*bake banana bread
*call post office ISO pkg that is a month overdue
*vac the edges w/the regular vac this time-its ok to not be perfect
*enjoy the little ones some too :)

I smell sausage so Its time for breakfast!!!
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