Monday, January 19, 2009

Almost missed ya, Monday!

what a Monday.. nothing out of the ordinary just spent teh morning doing laundry, tending little ones, & searching for a plug adapter to shopvac the edges of the cc....

this weekend we KICKED THE CRAP out of our to do list!!! jeeeeeeeze dare I list it?? ok..
*bought/replaced dryer outlet
*tightened heated ceiling fan
*bought/replaced florescent bulbs in cc-the long tube ones we have never dealt w/before
*carried old couch out to truck -around the banister & fish tank -wish I had photos!
*patched crack in the wall over said couch-T
*hunted both mornings-T
*cooked from the cupboards/freezer-K
*scrapped 2 pages from the October planned box-K
*watched 3 movies-K
*kept kitchen caught up-K
*Eye Check up-T

ok so I got a bit carried away on the 'to do' list part but we did all that this weekend! SHABANG!! & still had time to nap hehehe

so Tim found out today his hours r cut by a day starting this week. Sure hope its a Friday b/c he's usually pretty productive when I am working & he is off. I am already forming alist of things he can do LOL... what's meant to be will be & there is no point in stressing about it :)

ACCOUNTABILITY: Saturday/Sunday I didn't work out either day & slipped to 60oz/day in the water dept. but atleast I watched what/ how much I ate to 'balance' for it....

now I am off to complete a tag on my facebook page from Jo.... this will be my first over there.
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