Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wow Sunday

its Beau-ti-ful outside. well looking out its beautiful :) I have only been so far as to open the front door @6:30 to let the dog out & back in but is gorgeous w/lots of sunshine now!!! does wonders for the soul!

accountability report:
yesterday-day1-I did 30 on the Fit & drank 60oz. close!!

appreciate(one little word):
I am making myself alot more aware of the things I need to NOT take for granted-Tim wanting to spend time together, my Mom wanting my help, my online friends talking (listening) to me ramble *muah*, & that is just the tip of the iceburg but enough for this week's report. :)

I am planning to finish my December book today!! I worked on it full steam ahead last night for several hours watched House Bunny, Get Smart & the latest NCIS & was able to complete the 25th THRU the 29th!! AND flipped thru & glammed some completed pages up & finished for the night @12:30 by making a list of the pages I have left & Matching them up w/topics I'd like included.. what a concept eh?? quite proud it took me this long to get w/it but atleast I know for next year ;) I was just trying to be such a perfectionist & Only scrap on those days what HAPPENED.. but there isn't somethign scrappable every day so I am pulling it together. photos will be shared upon completion! YAY!!

now I am off to find some shows online I missed this week to have some 'company' while I finish up the pages 2,4,5,8-10, 30-Jan.1....
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