Monday, January 12, 2009

Good morning Monday!

a new week is in full swing :) I was actually pretty ready to welcome it for the first time in a while. yea I still hit snooze but once I was up I was good --better than recent mornings.

I blogged more this past weekend than normal! I also scrapped a ton this past weekend! YAY!! hoping to finish that DD project tonight--only 4 pages left!! finishing a project is another "good for the soul"! something I am not very good @! :( completing.. I get close & run out, run into an issue, LOOK like I am going over the 'deadline' & quit, get burnt out & quit... hoping that completion is a new habit! :)

Accountability Sunday report: wii fit for 30, 80oz water, worked for 4 straight hours @ mom's painting & unpacking her scrap room :) I am already on my first bottle of water for Monday! yay!!

Appreciate: I definately appreciate Tim today... yesterday morning he took the van to park on the side of the road while he hunted then came home early b/c he felt guilty leaving me home w/o wheels. awe!!! so while I was @ Mom's he worked & changed the water pump in his truck (that went out on Saturday) so he can hunt next weekend! not long ago he'd have waited until the last minute to fix it then end up not.

This week's plans:
we have to get the couch out(I wish it was still good enough to freecycle but its just too broken down inside) to the curb for the garbage pickup then repair & texture the crack, & paint the wall in prep for the new furniture next week. Oh & Yoga starts back up this Wednesday!! WHOHOOOOOO Super exciting!! its an hour so I will get an hour work out weekly :) the fit will drop to Thurs-Monday w/darts on Tuesday, Yoga on Wed. I HAVE A PLAN!!!!!!!! I am so excited! :)

We have some pretty serious weather headed our way today & into tonight. EEK. I would love to have a snow day OFF tomorrow BUT THAT's not likely... usually I am busier w/a snow day.. we will see! :)

off to find something to bake.. I think I'll head back to Shanen's blog & print that potato bread recipe!
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