Tuesday, January 13, 2009


OH so cold!! :( I am still amazed that they didn't delay school 2 hours for the frigid temps :( poor things!!! but they are gone now so the littles are playing peacefully. Its so cold I am working on my 2nd cup of hot chocolate LOL

ACCOUNTABILITY: Monday- I got my 80oz down in the last minute & did the 30 on the fit b4 I went to scrap!

APPRECIATE: I appreciate that Tim went on to work today tho he has something wrong w/one eye that bothered him all night & is waiting until Thursday for a dr appt. a few years ago he'd have taken the day off saying he would get an appt today only to have to wait until Thursday anyway. I appreciate that we have a working furnace even tho I am still cold :)) the sun is shining so its not all bad :)

yesterday I baked onion bread in the machine, washed/dried/returned 2 of 3 couch blankets & both bed comforters so far today I have a cc load in the dryer from yesterday + ran the monthly washer cleaner thru + have banana/chocolate chip bread in the machine. I am really hoping to get some work done on my tax prep this morning! the water is really energizing me!! here we go!!
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