Thursday, December 18, 2008

video+ weather scare+ holiday feelings

I am so frustrated trying to embed & its not working so I have to just link you to the blog that has the amazing video on it...

there is a chance we may lose electricity tonight due to the 1/4-3/4 inch of ice they are predicting for the area LOVELY. I operated last year w/none so I am sure I will tomorrow too. just don't get too alarmed if I am not online as I don't know if my battery power will last for a blog post + a possible movie for nap time LOL (priorities ya'know)

Jo brought up something I had noticed & heard but really just let it roll off my back (like alot of things that could irritate, annoy, or sadden me--protective barrier?). WHAT is W/people blaming their lack of holiday spirit on the 'economy'??? paleeeeeeeeeeeease!! haven't we blamed enough on the 'economy'?? Jo put it well when she said, "I believe that Christmas is in your heart. We don't need all the fanfare to make Christmas, well... Christmas." I couldn't word it better myself! thanks JO!

And Donna mentioned in an email conversation the other day that maybe this 'economy crunch' is SOMEONE telling us to get our focus off the commercializing & back to the true meaning of it all and get back to appreciating friends, family & food for what it is.

WELLLLLL... Tim just called & in addition to our school getting out @12:30, preschools being closed, he's been instructed to leave work no later than 1. the good thing is that he is willing to do my grocery store run for me when he gets here instead of me having to wait until after 5! So I must make a list lol. ALSO we discussed the generator & the fact that I still have the stickie note that I wrote the wiring down to attach the generator to the furnace if need be. I am much more prepared this year than last.

Last year's power outage TOTALLY snuck up on me!! woke up to a cc dad calling from the corner, no power=no alarm clock, power just long enough to fix/serve/eat breakfast w/lights then it went back out until after we had the furnace & generator wired @5 :) we had 7 or 9 children & they were SO GOOD for not having lights, tv & being stuck inside due to the ice making the trees fall apart. atleast I have a gas stove & water heater in the cc so I was still able to cook & had hot water.. I washed dishes alot to keep my hands warm LOL it definately was an eye opener for all of us. I had candles lit thru the house & maybe that encouraged the soft mood... who knows... maybe they understood to an extent the extreme of the situation. either way it was a good day compared to how miserable it could have been & was for some in the rural areas around us w/o power for up to 10 days! YIKES!!! my 11 hours is nothing compared to that!! :)

ok.. enough rambling.. off to make a shopping list.
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