Wednesday, December 17, 2008


inspired by but not near as crafty as she!!

10 things I am loving right now:

1. the pile of dessert recipes piling up near the printer to be carried to the upstairs kitchen to make for our Christmas gatherings.

2. the possibility of a snow day on Friday
3. how quickly the comfort foods come to mind during the cold season. I rarely even think of them in the other 3 seasons.

4. the fact that all of my itty bitties & mediums are napping @ NAP time this week. giving me a minimum of 15 minutes silence :)

5. holiday movies -I have checked The HOliday Inn & White Christmas off my list to get the list back out

6. curb side recycling WHOHOOOOOOOOO downsized the trash can to pay the added fee for it & don't have to go to the dumpster in town near as often (just to dump glass jars)

7. hearing that most people are taking a lighter approach to Christmas this year.
8. the kids asking to listen to Christmas music --after we've jammed to the Wiggles of course;)
9. finding new bloggers thru links on current favorite blogs
10. the feeling of accomplishment of having almost all gifts bought!

YOUR turn!!! what are you loving today??
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