Thursday, December 18, 2008

so far.

its sleeting tons out there in just a little bit of time. nothing @5:15 & covered surfaces by 7. ask me how I know.. LOL Tim went to the store for me this afternoon for bits & pieces to complete a meal tomorrow w/o power (& a few baking supplies incase I do have power hehe) but since I didn't have ice melt on teh list he didn't get any. so @7 we treked out to get some.. its a ghost town out there batman!!! it was actually pretty fun -not to slippery @15 mph, or under foot but we had the most issue getting it off the van windows to go to begin w/. so we are home 60#of ice melt, 2 kinds of ice cream, a frappucino & diet. mt. dew heavier but warmer by far.

I really don't think its going to be as bad as the school system is planning. sure they'll not have school tomorrow but surely by Monday & Tuesday they'll be able to go back & finish their Christmas celebrating & start Break like planned on Wednesday. I suppose only time will tell tho. I will for sure sleep well no matter. :)
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