Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My December List

I have been seeing these all over blogs for a while now & decided to join in.
this is a list of things I would like to do in December (** means its done)

1. tree up **
2. Tree & house decorated
3. Christmas cards out
4. bake cookies + a few new recipes courtesy of PW
5. new jammies (I have Tim's** --now to find some for myself)
6. hang new wreath **
7. have hot chocolate by the tree lights
8. photos of gifts surrounding the tree
9. host a gathering of friends
10. take time out for me
11. I missed the lighted parade :(
12. take photos of light displays around town
13. get LOTS of pictures of the neices & nephews enjoying the snow & Christmas
14. take a snow day
15. Christmas eve w/Sarah & the boys
16. ice skating w/Sarah & the boys
17. go to Holly Jolly lights in Dm
18. scrap some gifts
19. listen to Christmas music daily
20. Watch White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Wonderful Life & Miracle

Ok that inspired me to get MOVING!!! c ya!!!!
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