Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 cheers !!

for Tim & the cold Mountain Dew he left me this morning!! :)

this morning I:
~baked hamburger helper today to run the oven all morning
~replaced a ceiling tile that was falling (took the 2 off the top of it that were making it fall)
~brainstormed how to hang ornaments from the suspended basement ceiling like Becky
~folded last load of clothes from dryer & carried 2 baskets upstairs to hopefully get put away-tired of living out of baskets again
~danced the wiggles w/the kids :D
~decided I am driving myself tonight so I can do what I need to do FIRST then going to mom's -my little way of taking care of me FIRST this time (thanks for the nudge "u know who")
~settled a discrepentcy w/my last party order (that came yesterday-MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME :)
~evidently wore some kids out! the one waiting on trolley fell asleep, & ALL but ONE have PASSED out already!!!
~unwrapped chuck roast & put in roasting pan in fridge for tomorrow's lunch (adding mountain dew & beefy onion soup mix b4 quitting time)

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