Tuesday, December 9, 2008

late start

that's what the kids are partying about so far ;) its pretty icey out & still sleeting. so far one mom is not going in. Tim just left 'at his own discression' so we'll see if he makes it or not. ETA: a second one just called in.

we got the insulation up last night-decided not to reuse the old stuff instead we bought R13 & put it up. the thermometer says its still 62-64 but its a different feel down here today.. all in my head??? maybe ;)

I also got my christmas eve pages done last night & started the Christmas Day set for my December Daily album :) progress!!!

Darts tonight -weather permitting.. honestly I wouldn't mind them cancelled so I can work on the house & the rest of the DD album :)

ok..off to kick the to-list in the tail!!
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