Friday, December 5, 2008

"I am" tag from Jo

I usually don't do these... but this one was short enough to look fun :)

I am:looking fwd to the weekend.
I know: this is going to be agreat weekend
I want: to get better about letting things just BE
I have: a houseful of kids
I dislike: religious fanatics. Religous=good. Fanatic=bad. Expecially those who judge and are "holier-than-thou"
I miss: my grandparents
I smell: hot orange spice tea sitting by the keyboard
I cry: at movies & it makes Tim crazy
I search: google ALOT
I wonder: how Tim's hunting will go this weekend
I regret: very little these days
I love: quiet, guilt free scrapping, reading or napping time
I care: way too much of what people think of me
I worry: about driving in bad weather
I remember: the oddest stuff sometimes
I believe: everything happens for a reason
I dance: very rarely & usually only after several drinks!
I don't: love Iowa's cold temps right now
I argue: if I am passionate about my point of view
I write: in my scrapbooks-reading it later is an other story ;)
I win: graciously (I hope)
I lose: at darts almost every week
I wish: getting up on the morning was easier
I listen: when someone needs to talk
I am scared: of being misunderstood
I need: to lighten up a bit sometimes
I forget: that my internet friends aren't in the same environment as me
I am happy: its FRIDAY!!

I am tagging everyone that reads this.. be sure to link me back so I can check out your I am list :)
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