Thursday, December 4, 2008


ok December & winter are officially here... when I woke this morning (finally woke up after hitting snooze for a good 45 minutes--MY BAD!!) I REALIZED the heated ceiling fan AND the furnace were running. that sounds nice & toasty & it was in the bedroom but it let me know it must be COLD outside if they are both working!! :( eek. but I had no choice, I had pushed it to the last available minute & had to get moving to prevent answering the door in my jammies!!! lol

I bought some slippers @ walmart last night.. I am such a slipper girl... haven't had any in this house yet so I got some & I will share a photo of them someday. (hopefully b4 they get all broken in)

we visited Celeste (MIL) last night for her bday. She has her brother & Sister in law visiting thru the weekend & I think they are all getting tired in general.. Poor Aunt Sharon & Uncle Herb.. they are AZ residents & this is about as much of a culture shock as you can get. :) they are coming to check out our new house this evening or tomorrow. (that means I need to get the finishing touches on the house keeping as soon as I get off work tonight!) it ws great to see Celeste getting her annual bday gifts-poinsettia from Uncle Jr, fresh flowers from Roy, we had to break the mold & give her 2 LOL she has wanted a new (energy star) dehumidifier since the energy audit said hers was using as much as her central air unit! so we got it AND finally paid the van off.. hate those bills that aren't really bills so they get pushed aside for the ones that have to be paid monthly! MY BAD!! but its done & officially really truely ours now ROCK ON !!! We were so hoping she'd be able to use the money from the van to fly to AZ w/them when they return but its not looking like she's well enough quite yet :(

Also have a few snow pics from yday to share too...
ok off to be productive for a bit......
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