Monday, November 24, 2008


we are off to a slow start YAY!! truely no better way to start this Monday!! I am SOOOOOOOO looking fwd to the long weekend ahead!!! :)

this past weekend we had a great time catching up w/fun people we don't take the time to see often enough!! Rechelle & Geary! fun & funny-hard to top that!! Mark & Jess!! sweet & funny! another great combo! those were just 2 sets of the great friends we enjoyed the company of Friday night @ the fundraiser for Brian (big Brian) & Mary Oehlert. then Saturday I spent in first aid/CPR class 8-4 bleck! but atleast its only every 2 yrs. then yesterday was a bit of mish mash between stocking MIL up on her firewood for the her company coming in today to a combo bday party & more hanging out w/friends. over all great weekend!! Just realized I left the camera in teh car w/the bday photos on it.... so I WILL have photos to share soon :) WHOHOOOOOOO
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