Tuesday, November 25, 2008

OH my tiredness.

I was sooooooooo wanting to stay in bed all day! jeez. but here I am... working away. HA. luckily they are entertaining each other for a bit so I can get my tea down & hope it charges me!!

I forgot the camera again so hoping that there will be pix to share this afternoon. tonight is Dart night @ the Eagles. FUN.

Also looking fwd to the gathering some classmates are planning @ the winery for Friday night. Now to find out if they are bringing spouses so I know whether or not Tim will be bored out of his mind if he comes.

UGH.. seriously? that's it? lovely!

how about a gratefulness list?! I don't think I've done one yet:
*friends & family-obviously ;)
*the families I have that allow me to care for their little ones
*the house we have that allows me to work in the same structure yet not "@" home
*all of the work/energy that goes into putting together a training we are required to have.
*the sunshine we had yesterday -did me good!
*facebook having fun finding old friends
*and of course the ONE that makes it all possible! :)
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