Friday, November 21, 2008

happy this sick week is over!!!

so happy that happy doesn't explain it, elated, spastic, giddy.... nope still not doing it justice LOL
lets just get it over-with already!

weekend plans first: fundraiser tonight, cpr/first aid class tomorrow, kitchen planning tomorrow nght, birthday partying Sunday.

goodness list... hmmmmmmmmm great idea (plus it puts me in the drawing for some COOOO-OOO-OOOL ART!!! ROCK ON!!

  • I am NOT a game-system-fan HOWEVER I have love love loved the idea of the Wii since it came out!! wanted one & decided that one day we would own one.. after all Tim is a game system fan, has been thru several PS2s so why would he bawlk @ a new toy?? SO we got our own Christmas gift early this year-a Wii!! whohooooooooo so we love the games it came w/(I beat him in a lot the first night SHOCKED US BOTH!!) & we have gotten a couple of other new games since. I just love that its so action packed! there is very little sitting & NO sitting to play!!! I am not a push a button to make a person jump kinda girl, nope I was playign the atari & PS w/the controller up in the air & myself leaning in the direction my little dude needed to go ANYWAY.. I am just thankful nintendo finally caught up w/those of us that played that way!! ;) SOOOOOOOOOOOO I am hoping for a Wii Fit soon!
  • I'd also love to get some new lit. this would be great!!
  • Tim always wants some Monte Carlo parts for the 72 in the garage. (his is like the purple one in the picture only a deeper color) :)
  • all of the little people on our shopping list are getting miniature travel size versions of these this year!
  • Mom wants one of these--I am so for getting it for her then she'll be excited again & can help me get started!!! :D (selfish I KNOW!!!)
  • One brother & his family needs a new one of these so I think the other brother & I are getting it for them!
  • our house could use some decorating!!! would love love love some of this or this or my photos made like this
  • cannot wait to get our photos taken by BECKY next fall!!!
  • one of my favorite gifts every year is a subscription to the local newspaper!!
  • OH this reminds me I need to call & order the GC to the restarant for our camp attendants @ the lake!!

wow this is a long a$$ entry.. sorry folks.. I got a bit carried away LOL but I feel so organized now :D

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