Friday, August 15, 2008


wishing I could sleep in this weekend but its a no go. phooey.

the fire chief inspected the old house yesterday & let us know we have more work to do. *sigh* I had NO idea how much WORK donating a house would be!! now we have tile+linoleum to pull in 3 rooms + old countertop to remove. oh well, this way I will be more likely to get the ceiling fans but the doors are a loss as they need them in to keep it controlled when they are doing the controlled burn.

yesterday was Suzanna's last day for summer :( whaaaaaaaa altho I am more productive on my own, I suppose its b/c I know I have limited time to do things instead of having a helper & access to everything all day long. wierd but I guess its more of the 'have to be organized so I am' situation. similar to 'does better under pressure' situation. I soooooooo enjoyed having the extra person around to watch, do, say, everything! it was SO worth it!!

natalye's sleeping so I am finishing up online & then I will take the troops outside to play in the wet grass.

this weekend we are going to Rock -N- Row Adventures as one of our last summer Hurahs
hoping to get the fence started next week, would like to have it DONE by Labor day weekend but not holding my breath.

photos from the week--later today
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