Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2 more days!

until the bigs are al bac in school :) whoooooooooo-freaking-hooooooo!!

the tubing trip was fun! we ended up not staying but grabbed a fab supperon the way home @ Chili's w/Sam&Shelton--GREAT TIME!!!

Sunday we ended up back @ the fair for a few hrs. Tim got boots, we hung out w/his co-worker+family, we ate more fair food --of course lol. it was harley day so I took this cool shot of all the bikes.

I managed to capture this one of the old barn sign... love the old cement/brick-ness of our fair!!

And then of course there's NATALYE full time in child care :) a few shots of her while she was in a good mood yesterday.

sorry for the delay Katie! ;)

today we are -building an airplane out of appliance boxes (finally)-prepping everyone for school routine-enjoying the group while they are all still together.
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