Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Daily update-talking myself off the ledge

Assembling my December Daily did NOT go as I had planned.  I kind of freaked out when I opened the package the week before & realized there wasn't going to be enough room in the pre-loaded pages to do 2 pages for each day in the month like I have in years past & there is no way to load more pages. I took it on our Thanksgiving weekend away anyway, with a few supplies hoping to figure something out.  I did. I was able to follow most of the instructions, the good thing about projects like this, nothing is right or wrong so I just did what I wanted to; decorated the cover, put the pre-cut squares in the coin pocket pages, & laid the rest out to look at. I didn't end up sticking anything else down at the time but at least I have checked it all out & have an idea of what to do as far as what pictures to take & sizes to print, what to collect, etc. Sometimes limited options are a good thing but this had kind of put me into a tailspin. Ali may have read my mind when she posted this,
  • "On the other hand, the limits might help you. You can definitely use the structure to MAKE CHOICES about what to include in your album. I always leave something out - I choose what to include - and I'm okay with that. As I work with my photos I do pick and choose, being mindful of the overall story of the week. Limits can be a positive thing as long as you don't spend too long agonizing over which photos to use to tell these stories. "
 I really needed to hear that from someone else!

Since I have felt so limited on space, I haven't taken a single picture yet & I am writing this on the 5th.  By the time it posts, I will have appropriately photographed the weekend.  I have to remember that there will be 12x12 pages scrapped for anything not included in this mini, I am just used to it being the other way around, in that the mini is the bulk of December scrapping & the 12x12s are just to 'cover' the holidays in the big book.

Looking ahead:

  •  I did get my poinsettia last night, so when I take the plastic off of it, I will do some shots of it w/the big camera 
  • getting my van back from the shop-normally that would go in, but not sure about it in the limited space
  • Having our girls' shopping day tomorrow, so I should get some phone pics there.
  • celebrating a birthday tomorrow evening 
  • in 2 weeks I want to get pics of the couple I volunteer with for food coop
  • my family is doing our gathering on the 20th
  • not sure when Tim's side is
  • there should be a couple or 3 school programs coming up
  • if the box from amazon is as big as I think it might be, maybe a shot & story about that
  • snow, if we get more
  • ornament making, redbox movie renting, crafting with the kids during Christmas break
  • if I go past 25th, document how I took the leap to took the Fridays following the holidays off this year
  • cards received & sent -I really need to get on the ball
  • new Christmas movie added to the collection
  • document the few decorations used this year
So, I have plenty to document & yet not too much for the pages available, it will all work out, I just may not go with one of these albums again next year ;) 

Next week, I plan to have something of my own to share with you. 

How are you documenting your holidays? 
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