Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spring into Summer

How about a little update on what's been going on around here?
  1. Mom & I went to the big city Farmer's Market twice this month. Oh how I love the thrill of the hunt of every Farmer's Market I attend!

 We camped & boated & hung out on the beach for Memorial Day Weekend. I read this book, its good!

3.  I love having the fan in the window. this is not the ideal size for this window but it worked for us & it make a pretty cool phone pic I think.

 4. Our 'reading program' this summer.  Now that all of my childcare bigs have their own electronics of varying sorts, they want to bring them for quiet time. I have no problem with that & even welcome them for both of our sanities. I shook things up a bit this year & they have to earn their time on them. One minute of electronic for each 2 minutes they read from a real, live, paper book.  they took off running with it!! Its not perfect or even a spreadsheet but this is how we keep track, every single, day. LOVE.
 5. from a winter the didn't want to end to a stormy spring that has brought us a LOT of great cloud formations.
 6. the 17 year cicada is this year around here. we collected about 30 of them yesterday & had them 'have a party' on the roof of one of our playhouses, then the boys were walking around 'wearing them' as they clung to their shirts, I believe they even went so far as to name a few..
 7. New sand in the sandboxes. hip hip hooray! Happy faces all around.

So, what's going on in your world lately? 
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