Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday

ah another week, another thankful post.

  • This week, I am thankful for this freezer full of beef.  I am daily grateful for the ability to walk over & chose any cut of beef for our supper with out worrying about how much it will run me at the meat counter.

  • Needing new shoes.  Needing them was proof that I have the ability to be up on my feet with a job I love, day in & day out, that I am back to taking care of myself with an extra few hours of walking or running a week, and that I was good enough to take care of the shoes I had before. 

  • This may look like a pile of cast offs. In a way it is. It was all handed down to me in one form or another (very very little of it was purchased by me) for my childcare.  It still amazes me how much I have collected in 16 years of doing childcare.  periodically, I go into my nursery where I store my goodies & sort through what I am not using. Little by little I am admitting that may never get to some of those supplies or that the kiddos really do not ever need to have access to 10 aprons or that *I* really don't like to do that puzzle (& its one of those that takes much adult help for my 2&3 year olds). So this one, is a Thankful for the preschool teacher friend that said "sure, bring it all & what I can't use, I will pass on". ARE.  YOU. KIDDING. ME?? that was music to my ears that day :) she may have regretted it after seeing the horrible packing job I did when I moved it from my van to hers the next day...

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