Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What would you do?

So when I started running, I absolutely wore out my current 'tennis shoes' that I wore all day every day for work & then ran in them for about 6 months. On the tip of an experienced running friend, I visited Fitness

Sports in the city, for my next pair of running shoes. The staff all runs or is athletic in one fashion or another so I completely trust their opinions.  I told them I was running about 3 miles/day 4-6x/week  & they said they didn't care if I was running 1 mile 1x a week, I needed good shoes :) So he sat me down, took off my shoes (umm excuse me LOL) checked out the shape of my foot & went to get me 3 pairs to try.  And by try, I mean, he put them on me, laced & tied them & sent me to the back hall to RUN in them. REALLY?! WOW! I loved being able to realllllllly test them out before leaving the store! I didn't care for the first 2 & after the 3rd I asked about the arch support. Since I mentioned it, he went after one w/more support. I thought they were the ugliest things I had ever seen, but they were like little supportive pillows on my feet. (like the picture only silvery mesh w/blue & purple stripes/accents)  At first, I saved them for only running but after they broke down too far to be comfortable for running (about a year) I moved them to my work shoe & bought the next version of the same style(pictured) for running only.  I had to go up 1/2 size as my arches had started to fall a bit from running which they say is totally normal & yes, this pair was just as ugly as the first pair but both times; I wasn't out for fashion, I was out for comfort & support.

Since I took a couple of years off of running, those 2nd pair of shoes became my daily work shoes. When I started running again this year, I realized they were too far gone for running but being on a spending freeze, I made them do.  I got enough Christmas money that I was able to go pick up my new runners this past weekend while I was in the city.  WOW, I was in for a shock, I thought the first 2 were ugly, these are hideous!! When I told him what I thought, he chuckled & said he hears it all the time & that some runners have even switched brands b/c they hated them so much. black w/teal, not a bad combo but when you are used to running in something light colored, its hard to get used to. PLUS they have an ugly white wide base that extends past the sides of the upper shoe.  This was the lesser of 2 evils as the other option in the store (b/c I was too impatient to wait a week for the yellow + black pair) was very patriotic & so very VERY white.  on the positive side, they upgraded the cushion support in front of the ball of the foot inside & it kind of fills in the space between the ball & the toes on my feet.   While I was walking to the back to try them out in the hallway, I did consider switching brands for something cuter, more colorful or just less contrast, but that first little jog totally sold me.  I love getting new running shoes.

So now my question is... would you change brands for looks? You can tell I didn't. I am definitely impressed withe fit of my Mizunos & am not willing to sacrifice that for something cuter. my outfits rarely match each other much less my shoes too. ;)
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