Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Fun

Even tho I Haven't done well at documenting it, we have been enjoying our summer freedom! I love that we don't have school schedules to follow, trolleys to watch for (to get them to preschool or back), & can do lunch pretty much any time we want!  so far we have had a few park days, a few library days & a couple of Friday Fun days!
in the past, I have sent those ages 4 & up to the library on the trolley w/the helper & I have kept those younger ones at home.  This gave me a chance to do some one on one w/the smaller ones or get some baking or laundry done if they were busy entertaining each other. This year, I have been better about going along and taking all ages. Yes, less baking is getting done & the laundry is getting put in the dryer more than I like, but WOW they sure impressed me at this magician's show! they all sat so good & soaked it all in!
 Then of course we got to run around outside w/the Feehan boys afterward while we waited on our trolley. And I couldn't pass up a chance for a group shot!
They also loved the Dan Wardell show last week! here is our group shot after it.

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