Thursday, May 9, 2013


Loving: my new found feeling of freedom. My mind already feels lighter, less cluttered, less stressed.

Working on: our summer Friday Funday schedule.

Reading: REALLY lots more of the blogs I have been only half following. 
Watching: Lots of season finales. I am always looking forward to them this time of year so I don't feel so married to my tv schedule.  The DVR has helped that feeling a lot tho.
Listening to: discovered I still have my running playlist on my phone, so I plan to hit play there when I need some ambition.

Anticipating: A return visit from my certification agency. Mostly paperwork but I am always a nervous wreck w/someone of authority in my business.
Enjoying: The sunshine. With the extended winter we've had this year compared to last year's sparce one, its been great to have some 70* sunshine-y days lately.
Thinking: About camping.  No matter how much work it is to get there & back, its always so soul-soothing to go & do.
Eating: fresh tomato & lettuce from the farmer's market! YAY!!
Drinking: lemon, cucumber, basil water-surprisingly sweet. I really was plesantly surprised.  If you are on the fence, try it!
Feeling: a bit behind my summer scheduling schedule.  By now, I usually have helper schedule as well as the Friday Funday & Park days all on the calendar- eek! 
Praying: for peace for a great great aunt in the nursing home, its time for her body to let go as her mind and soul are ready to move on.
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