Friday, February 1, 2013

right now

enjoying the brightness of the snow.  I am always amazed at how much better I feel about the cold when there is snow on the ground, especially when the sun is shining off of it.

planning shopping trip with my mom & aunt for Saturday And a Valentine's overnight outing.

thrilled to realize Summer is closer.

celebrating the bond of my brother & his son.

resisting drinking a whole pot of coffee today.

preparing for a downsizing & move-even if it is 5 years away, every little bit helps.

making so much from scratch in January, planning to keep it up for February.

preparing the childcare for an itty bitty to start in less than 4 weeks-- eek!

living in the present is so very soothing.

ordering my neices their first ever pieces from Lisa Leonard Designs.

eating so much comfort food this winter.

loving all the crockpot recipes I am making; refried beans, chicken/beef bone broth, beef/chicken & noodles, apple crisp.

sleeping 4 in the bed is surprisingly comfortable.
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