Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Daily update

Day 6: should have been the Preschool Christmas program in which I had 4 childcare kids & 2 cousins but I begged out & stayed home for the first evening of the week- so I will plug something random in-probably something Kora related. or maybe the visit to Santa I got to accompany part of the neices & nephew on the week before.
Day 7: Kora became ours officially . (gee, I feel like this is turning into Kora's baby book...)
Day 8: was a pretty random day in itself, I did take a picture of some ornaments I filled w/pretty scrapbook supplies I no longer use: 4 boxes of glass tree bulbs + basket of variety of crafty goodies=simple gifts
Day 9: random plug in
Day 10: collage photo of Kora sleeping w/different childcare kids at nap time
Day 11:random plug in
Day 12: (12/12/12) the amazing weather we are being blessed w/in December that we can go out to play.

what I love about this book is that it doesn't have to be activities on that day that are scrapped on that page.  they can be anything I want it to be. perfect for the perfectionist in me that would get hung up on the little details :)
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