Friday, July 27, 2012

Random (garden) Friday

sheesh! I hope to get a better routine going for blogging this fall! I always have big dreams, but follow through is not my strong suit sometimes...

So anyway: a happy random post with garden photos!

gorgeous lilys:

corn in our garden! a first in several years. yummmm

Tomatoes... lookin' good, now w/a the recent shower, hopefully they will start to turn a little faster so the bottoms don't get burn up...

watching a bee doin' his thing in the zucchini blossom:

still pretty stoked about how tall the corn got! you can see it from the street over our privacy fence :)

& this is the complete over-view of the garden area, oh the changes & extensions we are making for next year!
How does your garden grow?  What do you enjoy fresh in the summer?
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