Monday, July 23, 2012

a wedding

One month ago today, June 23, 2012 my baby brother got married to a wonderful woman who is from a terrific family that we are so thankful for!! I had Ryder out giving him a bottle during the ceremony but here is their vows during rehearsal ;)

K getting her make up done

M checking out her make up

beautiful flowers!

first dance, check out the teary eyes!!  Love you guys!!!

the aunts that tended the cake table

Gma J w/the Arispe Riemenschneiders

Aunt S w/her children

get it girl!!

those dresses were made for spinning!!

and the last dance of the night. 2 very happy people!
we all missed seeing Philip but comforted each other in knowing that he wasn't missing a thing, he was right there laughing, smiling, dancing right along w/us!
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