Friday, June 8, 2012

More than 5 on Friday

So the story goes that I caught the chicken pox in a bounce house the summer before my Kindergarten year, so I have forever been terrified/paranoid of bounce houses.... until last Sunday when we were invited to participate in a fun day @ Arispe put on by the Afton Lions in honor of Philip's family.  I thought it was a fundraiser, come to find out it was just 'hey, lets set up the inflatable & feed everyone who wants to come... so we went! here are a couple of shots Bethany caught of Jeff & I on it w/her phone..

and here are the the ones I cuaght on my camera...Big O (Owen):
 Bethany & Ronnie:

 The 3 Arispe Riemenschneiders:

Ryder's first time down:

so the moral to this post: no matter how much of a repectable adult you are, you MUST partake in the fun of an inflatable slide ASAP!!!!!!! Honestly, I cannot wait to do it AGAIN!!!   :)

have a FUN weekend!!!

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