Thursday, June 7, 2012

Memorial Weekend Recap

Very Briefly & Photo Heavy...

We camped again for Memorial Weekend as always.  So there was a lot of:
generally, we cook 2 meals every day on the fire, breakfast & supper, with the growing group, some have chosen to bring camp stove to speed things up but in my opinion, I will wait on the grate of the fire to be available even if it means 2 hours before I eat, because EVERYTHING tastes better when cooked over an open fire! mmmmmm

Cloud watching:
Memorial weekend is usually pretty synonymous for storms, or at least showers, so we usually keep  a pretty close eye on the sky.  these are the clouds I watched Friday evening while Tim napped .. right up until they quit moving, the temp dipped 10 degrees & the wind increased a few MPH. 

here are 3 cousins that were chillin' waiting on some breakfast grub.
Happy to find our favorite sandbar 'bikini beach' above water again (after being flooded for 2 years) we were happy to have someplace to beach the boats up on, let the kids & dogs run & play & generally lounge around.

 Oh yes, weekends at the lake are amazingly about the napping too!

dodging the camera ;) a very rare photo of me...

Sammy learned that he can swim sans lifejacket, when it was for something important, like fetching a stick ;)

 eek!! but a fun photo, glad I was able to capture it!

Memory Making:
HA! finally, I always mean to but rarely remember it when I am 'in the moment' . "Rathbun Memorial Weekend 2012"

These 2 made pancakes for all that wanted them Sunday as well as Monday mornings! YUMMMMM we are happy to share our weekends with them-even if they don't bring pancakes ;)

Tim got a smores cooker as our newest tool.  He & Jadi tested it out on Saturday night & I believe they were won over...I haven't tried it yet but plan to have a full report after this weekend!

Ok so this is a new one to our list but it sure was brave of Kyler to dig a hole deep enough to bury his lower half in! can definately say I am not that brave! I can feel the claustrophobia reaction kicking in just looking at the photo! ack!

I have finally gotten to the point that no matter what drama follows us or arrives at the lake, I find time & way to relax.  this was a shot I set the camera on the ground & pushed the button. LOVE IT!
NOOOO we were NOT laughing AT them, but definately laughing WITH them, had they really been laughing.... they had a rough weekend, leaky air beds, unhappy tent, broken boat.... yea, not much could have gone wrong minus personal injury....

ah, there you go, rough summary.. What did you do for the holiday weekend?
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