Thursday, April 12, 2012


When things are messy, good always rises to the surface if you wait for it.-  Kelle Hampton

reading this back a couple of months, I see just how true it is. This is a recent lesson I have learned & am so thankful for the constant reminders. Many times things look dismal, aweful even but if we simply deal & accept the situation, it will right itself with little or no help from us. Knowing when to work harder or when to walk away & let it work itself out is a tough decision to make sometimes.  I have learned to not stress most things I can't control, will it rain on a camping weekend, will no one show up for freezer swap, will I have too many childcare kids to take the trip/do the activity/manage the chaos today, will I have enough childcare kids to pay for the helper I have contracted for summer, will the event I have planned work out for all involved, etc.   We've been taught that 'good things take hard work' & at the same time 'good things come to those who wait' .. how's that for conflicting information?  I have found its much easier on the nerves, heart & those around me :) if I don't stress much anymore.

I had this typed a year ago, but it just didn't seem to fit any time I thought about using it. This week, its perfect!  Losing my brother in December brought alot of this (learning to deal) back to the surface.  I was doing so good at not stressing things until there was a definate, outcome I could not control or even fathom learning to live with.  & learning to live with it I am,  Some are definately better than others.  Some are down right painful to get out of bed or fall asleep at night.  Learning every day, how to deal, is part of life.

(Philip & I. 6/2011 on a really good day)

I am still waiting for that good to rise to the surface.
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